VIBRAM®: This popular brand is a guarantee of firm footing in pleasant and challenging conditions

The idea was preceded by a tragic accident in the Alps, which led to the creation of the iconic Carrarmato sole design made from vulcanized rubber. VIBRAM® has become an absolute icon of the footwear industry and, quite literally, with its research and innovation has shaped and continues to significantly influence the global footwear market.

We have built our new collection of outdoor footwear on the award-winning VIBRAM® Megagrip soles, which offer stability on various surfaces and in various conditions, great traction, and have an excellent lifespan. Whether in dry or wet conditions - under any circumstances, they demonstrate perfect adherence supported by high abrasion resistance.

The effective rubber compound is suitable for extreme conditions such as mud, canyoneering, mountain biking, or skateboarding, as well as for trekking or year-round hiking and traveling.

Lessons learned from Alpine tragedy led to ascending the eight thousands

In 1935, the Italian climber Vitale Bramani led an expedition to the summit of Punta Rasica. A sudden weather changed meant the group couldn't get to the shelter, and six never returned home. The cause was also inappropriate footwear, which froze on climbers' feet and stopped helping.

Learning from the tragedy, Vitale began developing a sole that replaced heavy iron nails with durable rubber studs. In 1937, the iconic Vibram Carrarmato sole was created, in which 17 years later Italian mountaineers climbed the feared Himalayan mountain: K2. They thus started a new era, when a different specialised type of footwear began to be used for each of the four stages of the ascent.

Perfect grip in both dry and wet conditions

Vibram soles are still reliable equipment for recreational hikers and seasoned climbers from rocky alpine hills to icy Himalayas. Northfinder shoes use the VIBRAM® Megagrip sole, which is based on a proven tradition of high-quality rubber compound. The award-winning sole offers perfect grip in both dry and wet conditions, and sufficient stability in light climbing sections.

Northfinder shoes with VIBRAM® Megagrip sole

They’ll be up to the task in demanding conditions, and will make year-round hiking more pleasant

Functional outdoor shoes with VIBRAM® Megagrip soles are suitable for various activities, and can handle more demanding conditions. Use in mud, on grass, in the forest, when descending, canyoneering, on mountain bikes, skateboards, and for trekking, year-round hiking, and travel.