Polartec® Alpha® Direct: How many layers do you wear for ski touring? We’ll show you that one less is enough

Active insulation helps during performance and subsequent rest

Active insulation maintains the temperature balance of your body. It removes heat and moisture from the body, and affects the flow of cold air downwards. And the technology works with intense movement and reduced activity.

Not to be limited by extra grams, you can lose one layer

All Northfinder products that use Polartec® Alpha® Direct insulation do not need an inner lining. This reduces the weight of clothing by valuable grams, and you can wear one less layer on the slopes.

Northfinder products with Polartec® Alpha® Direct active insulation

Usually three layers are used for ski touring: a thermal underwear, sweatshirt, and hardshell or softshell top layer. Our hybrid constructions combine the properties of the second and third layers: they reliably protect against wind and bad weather from the front, and ventilate effectively from the back. So your chest will be protected from the front, and excess heat can escape from the back. During intense activity, you can easily skip the middle layer.

It will take care of you when you give it regular care

You will appreciate the active Polartec® Alpha® Direct insulation for uphill ski touring, cross-country skiing, and winter hiking. To maintain the functional properties of clothing for a long time, remember regular but easy care.

When washing, use gentle programmes and special agents for functional and membrane clothing. Avoid fabric softener and tumble drying. Fortunately, such clothes dry quickly - just lay them out and let them dry freely.