Pertex® Quantum: Light, breathable and durable. This substance helps maintain a comfortable body temperature

Dense fabric = light and durable

Reliable functional clothing should easily handle harsher environments. Pertex® Quantum consists of a dense, ripstop structure of incredibly fine polyamide fibres that ensures the fabric's resistance to abrasion and tearing.
The main advantage of this clever lightweight material is fantastic breathability, and it also protects against the elements. The non-blowing solid structure is complemented by a waterproof finish, which will keep you dry even in light rain and snow.

The functional substance stands out in combination with an insulating layer

Pertex® Quantum even strengthens the insulating layer and helps maintain an ideal body temperature. A layer of thermal insulation, whether down or synthetic, traps heat in air cushions, and Pertex® Quantum prevents them from escaping.

Northfinder products made of Pertex® Quantum material

In the case of down insulation, this material has one more practical bonus: it does not allow the thermal insulation down feathers to disappear, and allows them to fully expand and maximise their warming properties. We will be happy to help you decide between down and synthetic thermal insulation at this link.

Use and care depend on the materials

The amount of Pertex® Quantum fabric used means it can be used with other materials and technologies. Such as with PrimaLoft® hybrid insulation and Polartec® Alpha® Direct active insulation. Each material has different properties, so we always recommend following the instructions and information on the care label.

For example, you can best maintain the water resistance of some products by regular washing with the right impregnation agent. This will remove dirt and grease, which negatively affect the properties of the material, as well as frequent washing with an inappropriate detergent. Use detergents for functional and membrane materials, avoid fabric softeners, and choose a gentle wash programme with lukewarm water.

Leave down jackets and jackets with the use of combined insulation with down in the hands of professionals. In the case of home care, wash clothes on gentle programmes using special detergents for this type of functional clothing and avoid fabric softeners. Ensure fluffiness of the filling by drying in a dryer with some drier balls. This will prevent the wet fluff from bunching up.