Dermizax™EV: Absolutely waterproof and 4 other reasons to appreciate Japanese membrane in mountains

1. Love water instead of clogged pores

The Dermizax™ EV Japanese membrane does not contain the pores that in other materials can become clogged with dirt or salt. The fabric works thanks to molecules that love water, and very quickly transfer moisture from the body to the air based on the temperature difference between inside and outside.

2. Without pores, the material also breathes better

The non-porous construction also improves the material’s breathability. The more intensively you move, the more moisture it transfers to the outside. When you take a break you won't get cold, because the heat has no pores to escape through. Number cruncher? Breathability is determined by the number of grams of water vapour that can pass through a square metre of fabric in 24 hours - 10,000 for Dermizax™ EV.

3. Absolute waterproofness

The material’s waterproofness is indicated by ‘water column’ data. A water column value of 1,000 mm means that if you place a 1,000 mm-high cylinder on top of fabric and fill it with water, the fabric will repel the water.

Northfinder products with Dermizax™ EV membrane

A drop of heavy rain has a force of about 2,000 mm, waterproof clothing usually has about 5,000 mm. The water column of Dermizax™ EV is 20,000 mm, which puts it in the category of being completely waterproof.

4. Enjoy movement without restrictions

The Dermizax™ EV membrane is doubly elastic - stretching 200% in all directions. So you can enjoy freedom of movement during all activities in extreme conditions - traditional winter sports, mountain climbing, and peak ski-touring.

5. Easy care as a bonus

The non-porous Dermizax™ EV membrane protects even without impregnation and requires neither special care nor special washing powder, unlike porous materials the clogs of which detergents gradually clog.

Dermizax™EV (175g, PFC FREE, 20/10) is a high-performance elastic laminated membrane with a long lifespan. Its unique non-porous hydrophilic membrane is waterproof, windproof, breathable, and has up to double the elasticity. The material is waterproof up to a water column height of 20,000 mm with a breathability of 10,000g/m2/24h. Therefore, Dermizax™EV is ideal for making protective clothing for extremely adverse weather conditions where high mobility comfort is required. The non-porous membrane provides protection without the need for impregnation and does not require special care.