Blizzard® Thermal Comfort: How to stay comfortable in warm clothes during winter sports

A barrier against winter

At Northfinder, we like to use Blizzard® Thermal Comfort warp knit thermoregulating fabric. The highly elastic fabric is combed from the inside with fine microfiber, and the thickness of this layer creates an effective barrier against the cold.

Warm stretch fleece

The warm fleece material has a special weaving density, thanks to which it can maintain internal temperature even when stretched. It gives you freedom of movement during sports, with a significantly lower risk of hypothermia than normal elastic materials.

Warm clothes for skiing, cross-country skiing and ski-alp

Blizzard® Thermal Comfort does not require special care. The material’s warm properties make it ideal for the production of functional clothing for winter sports - such as trousers, leggings and jackets. It also works well in hybrid ski mountaineering equipment.

Northfinder products with Blizzard® Thermal Comfort fabric